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Monday, January 24, 2011

A plain block of frozen spinach.

One more thing that I took for granted until it apparently became extinct. Last week I bought a Pictsweet creamed spinach [serves two, if they’re not me], and it was tasty, but it wasn’t what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong: I love all the steamer bags of tarted-up veggies. I am insufficiently appreciative of veggies, unless they are potatoes, so anything that makes them more appetizing is pretty much fine with me.

But sometimes all I want is a big bowl of spinach with a little butter and some lemon juice, without the bother of washing it and chopping it and actually cooking it. And once you get past the color the noodles turn, a block of spinach and a block of ramen noodles, simmered together and drained, with a can of tuna rinsed and drained and stirred in, is comfort food that is cheap, fast, easy, and nearly guilt-free.

While I have made probably hundreds of tuna-noodle casseroles using Cream of Whatever soup, for some reason the idea of stirring creamed spinach into tuna and ramen just makes me gag.

My children are shaking their heads.

I spent some time last night (this morning) playing with the scanning function on my new printer. Scanned all of last year's tithing receipts with the reconciliation from tithing settlement, then fed all the paper to my shredder. I also scanned the paperwork related to that medical study on menopause and heart health. Over the course of the next year or so, I will be able to work my way through my file cabinets and eliminate most of what's in there, and then I can give away one or both of the file cabinets to someone who needs them.

This is going to be such a blessing, especially for things like my quarterly 401K statements from the movie theatre, which do not come electronically, and for random bills. I am also going through old duplicate check stubs, looking for particular information, and shredding as I go. I shredded several for LittleBit’s voice lessons when she was a senior. Fourteen pads of checks, in total, before I went to bed. Not bad for an hour or so’s work.


AlisonH said...

Spinach, said Kermit: it's easy being green.

Sherry said...

I had noticed that the blocks of the frozen spinach were gone, too. I used them in a delicious quiche and they're becoming hard to find....the canned stuff definitely does not adequately replace the frozen, so I must find a new supplier.

Bonnie said...

We're not shaking our heads, we're actually protesting out loud shouting, "Eww, that's nasty!"

Jenni said...

I like spinach, but not as a big green blob.