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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chaos 0, Ms. Ravelled 1.5

I have one trash bag entirely full of shredded documents and another that I topped off with same. They will go out to the bin as I leave for church. I just put another 2.5" stack of paperwork on top of the shredder for later.

I am currently tackling the Dreaded Box Under The Desk. My original goal was to grab a handful of file folders and stow contents of the significantly smaller Box On The Corner Of The Bed (which is also significantly less intimidating). But I have momentarily run out of file folders.

I know there's a box of them somewhere, because we inherited one or more boxes from Beloved's mother when we emptied her storage unit. (Unless I've already given it/them away.) My thought was to repurpose file folders from the Dreaded Box. Except there are none, save a few legal-sized ones that will not fit into the file drawer. I did find neatly organized stacks of old bank statements, paperwork from when one of the boys totaled a car, and informational booklets from a former health insurance provider.

I will take my progress where I find it. The stuff that had bummed me out so, last weekend, when I had to stack it in front of my closet, is now 97% dealt-with. After church today I may spend more time on the Dreaded Box. Or I might grab my tape measure and start redesigning the interior of my closet.

I had a blast at Bittiest's party yesterday. I picked up a handful of embellishments on deep discount and made more birthday cards. I also picked up two small canisters with vinyl wall mottoes. One for the dining room or possibly the guest bathroom. The other for my studio.

And after I was done making cards, even though I could barely keep my eyes open, I put my supplies and tools away. Because sometimes I don't. Which is why the fallow side of the bed has been such a wreck, for far too long.

But I'm gaining on it.

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