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Sunday, September 08, 2013

I behaved myself. Well, mostly.

I am pleased to report that I did not run amok financially while I was out and about yesterday. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts.

Lorelai has a new battery. Not a cheap one, but also not a gold-plated one. It may very well last the remainder of her useful life. And an oil change, and her 180K checkup. No bells and whistles there because we had so much remedial work done on her last year.

I have some lovely cream-colored stationery that I bought several years ago. I recently used up the last of the envelopes, so I went back to that new shop I visited two weeks ago and purchased a small package of envelopes the color of  pumpkin chiffon pie. And a bolt of the green leafy ribbon.

Then I went to the Container Store, planning to buy more hangers of a particular type, which they did not have. I was luckier in finding two drawer organizers that fit neatly on the top shelf of the bookcase by my bed. I have some of my CD's in one and the petite Mason jars that hold my spare change in the other.

I have found a new home for Beloved's sweater. A man in my knitting group said he'd be honored to wear it. So it's waiting in a bag by the front door.

I also found the recycling center that Mel told me about. It's very specific: uncrushed aluminum cans and water bottles up to 2L. No milk jugs. I got rid of 11 plastic bottles yesterday. I now have 11 points towards a gift card. (There are several options for those.) And it's on the way to Trader Joe's. I now have a paper bag in each vehicle for this purpose.

I think I've gotten the last of the paperwork off the fallow side of the bed. It is now in a pile on the floor in front of my closet. And it makes me anxious just to look at it. I think I will finish clearing off the bed first. I can probably get that done before church and still read my lessons.* And then I could deal with the paperwork after church and lunch and a nap.

*Or maybe I will seek the kingdom of God first (i.e., read my lessons) and see what I can get done in the time left. One of the few instances in which procrastination might equal godliness?

I took a little field trip to the American Girl store with one of my tinies, to see if the Victorian sofa would be a good option to seat all four of them. They are approximately half the height of an American Girl doll.

There were two sofas in locked display cabinets, and the individual sofas are in sealed boxes, so I couldn't plunk Hope down on one. I had to look at the length of her legs and visually compare it with the depth of the seat.

I think the sofa would hold all four of them, and they would look like very small girls sitting primly on their grandmother's sofa; while they'd look more comfortable than riding around in a basket as they do now, I'm not sure the sofa is quite the look I'm going for.

I have almost half the money saved towards the sofa. I'll have most of the rest of it in a week or so when the surplus earnest money is refunded to me. Thankfully, it's not a decision I have to make in the next five minutes.

I popped into the Sprouts that's between Trader Joe's and me and picked up some sharp (!) Provolone to try and more of the hummus I love and some rosemary sourdough bread.

And that was my Saturday.

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