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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

I've spoken with the Cyclops, and...

The walls are thin at the clinic where we went for Fourthborn's post-op appointment. We're pretty sure that the doctor in the next room over said, "I've spoken with my boss, and..." because, as Fourthborn pointed out, Cyclops is an imaginary creature.

I will be stringing together several drafts into what I hope will become an entertaining post.

The weeks-long remodeling of the restrooms on our floor is done. We will get to view (and utilize) the finished work tomorrow. I was riding down to the sixth floor until they had to cut holes in the ceiling at one point. It did not inspire confidence to look up and see crawl space and pipes and stuff and to wonder what, if anything, could see me. So for the past three or four weeks I've been going to the second floor.

When L sent out the memo this afternoon, I replied-all, "Skip, skip, skip to the loo my darlings." Crickets, except for one coworker. (A wise-cracker is not without honor, save in her own office.)

Christmas came early, chez Ravelled. This is what I ordered from the company catalogue. I'm not sure how many imaginary creatures they had to skin to make the covering, or why it was necessary for it to be fluffy instead of something smoothly textured. But it's filled with twelve herbs, and it can be nuked for a minute or stuck in the freezer for an hour or two, depending upon whether I want a hot pack or a cold one on my neck and shoulders.

It's going to work with me tomorrow, because the microwave there is larger than the one here at home, and because I have greater need for it there. If worse comes to worst, I can always thwack people with it. That would be a huge stress reliever on Friday afternoons.

I wore this outfit to work on Tuesday. Can't be bothered to figure out how to take full-length selfies like some of my friends do. This is a skirt that is approximately 20 years old (and needs to have its elastic redone so it will not slip down over my belly as I change positions) plus a shirt I bought a year or so ago and a vest from my friend B's fortuitous weight loss. She has great taste, and sometimes I'm the beneficiary.

I love how the points of the vest in front strike the hem of the shirt. One of my friends teased that I looked like an angel, and I cracked up. I would love to find a pair of ecru or lightest brown boots to wear with this. Or a pair of boots that had cream, caramel, and black all swirled together like a s'more. I would almost certainly have to have them made to measure. I've always wanted a pair of cowboy boots. Maybe next year when I get my bonus?

I forget how much I love to read until I step away from my handwork for a couple of evenings and dive headfirst into a good novel. I just finished reading Madeleine L'Engle's A Live Coal in the Sea. This is Tola's fault. I downloaded it onto my phone for $1.99.

I may have solved the design challenge of the next segment of Justice's skirt. Will have to see what I think about it after I've slept.

That's all I've got for y'all tonight. I have some pictures to post to the doll blog, and then I'm out for the count.

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