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Monday, June 11, 2018

A satisfying speed bump.

We had lunch on Saturday with friends from Tennessee. The brother of Middlest's best friend, and said brother's best friend since college.

I'd worked a little on my great-great-grandfather's records before the Costco run and was just getting back to it while the pizza baked, when we got the text from our friends that "now" was best. So I shut down the computer, covered up our individual pizzas, and drove to a nearby city.

We ate at a place that best friend from my childbearing years had taken me to some time ago. It did not disappoint. I am not particularly fond of Thai food, and this was a notable exception. I had three small meals' worth of leftovers. (All gone now.)

While preparing to go back to work on my great-great grandfather's records, I was briefly distracted by this article. I quibble with its premise that we are simply great apes who do certain things better than other apes, and that's why we've endured. But I wholeheartedly agree with its conclusion that the interlocking webs of connection and relationship are a large part of what make us fully human.

I learned a lot about that great-great-grandfather. He fought for the Union, mustered in in September, when his youngest was three months old, and died of typhoid fever in Tennessee, leaving my great-great-grandmother with a young daughter (my great-grandmother) and a baby.

I've gotten a number of other records connected to other relatives, and I feel pretty good about what I accomplished over the weekend. I linked a few more records at breakfast this morning, and I probably ought to do some more, but sorry, dear ones, I'd rather knit. Before I let myself do that, I will bring in the laundry that I washed at 1:00am and start another load to hang in the garage overnight.

Why was I doing laundry at 1:00am, you ask? Well, I took a little nap around 5:00 yesterday afternoon and woke up at 12:30, ravenous and 2.5 hours past when I should have taken my meds. I got that all wrangled and was ready to work by 1:00. Hey, I kept the Sabbath, and I was so tired on Saturday that I forgot to do some urgent laundry. And then I knitted a lot and listened to my scriptures and other edifying things until I was sleepy again, around 3:00.

It was a good day at work. Took care of the urgent stuff for my people and got through (almost) everybody's mail, including the attorney I back up, and I know what needs doing today.

Duty calls. I figure that I've got about fifteen minutes of adulting, and then I can chill. The trash and recycling are already out on the curb. Go me!

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