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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Certain women.

Sister Linda Burton, the General President of the Relief Society, put a whole new spin on that for me this evening, as I listened to the Women's General Meeting in our stake center. I'd always thought of it as "a certain bunch of women" who were converted to the gospel in the meridian of time. She offered another perspective: women who are certain, confident in their faith and testimony, valiant in standing for truth and righteousness.

In less exalted news, I think the fourth incarnation of the back of the tabard is long enough, but Rosalie (the doll belonging to Fourthborn which is visiting in Middlest's room so Middlest may knit her a sweater) is not accessible at the moment. Middlest is zonked out, so I've put a post-it on the mirror in the guest loo (a/k/a Middlest's loo) asking that Rosalie be moved out into the living room the next time my kid bubbles to the surface.

Like me, Middlest is prone to waking in the middle of the night and doing random quiet things until the urge to sleep returns. There's a pretty good chance that Rosalie will be parked in a chair out here when I wake in the morning.

One of the announcements last week at ward conference was that, since the Spanish branch has been absorbed into a ward that meets in the stake center, our ward is moving back to the 11-2 slot for the meetinghouse. I guess the solution to that is to reactivate the people who are not currently attending church, baptize an equivalent amount, and hope for the same in the other wards in our stake, so that they can create a new ward that meets in our building, and we can go back to the 1-4 slot, which is my favorite, instead of toggling between 9-12 and 11-2.

First world problems.

It's been a good day, and I'm sleepy, and I think I'll go to bed a little early.

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