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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Embellishing upon a FB status.

We have something of a plan for the first Saturday of each month. Typically, Firstborn will scoop up Fourthborn and meet us (Middlest and me) at the quilt shop. We show our completed blocks, we pick up the kits for the next month's block, sometimes we catch a snack together, they go one way, we go ours.

Since I'd made arrangements to have the Tardis worked on, I messaged Firstborn earlier in the week to ask if she had enough wiggle room in her day to come get us, go to the quilt shop, bring us back, and then head home with Fourthborn. (Because the Tardis needed some minor work in preparation for our sprint to Tennessee.)

Yesterday, or maybe the day before, she texted that she was flying out of the country on business sometime today. As more details became known, she decided that she would have time to pick up Fourthborn, their blocks, take Fourthborn home, and still get to the airport on time. I decided that I would go to the mechanic's, stay there until the work was finished, then come back and get Middlest, after which we would go to the quilt shop and get our blocks.

Today only minimally adhered to plan, and it was still a great day. The Ford people had sent the wrong (minor) part for the Tardis. It was manufactured a month after they stopped making the exact part that we need, and it's mostly identical, but there's one crucial bit that won't fit where it needs to go. The factory has overnighted a new part, hopefully the correct one, and the Tardis will get fixed after Middlest's checkup on Tuesday and after I delivery my kid to the college.

I'm so thankful that my mechanic is honest as well as capable. They put the old part back in, I picked up Middlest and our quilt blocks, and off to the quilt shop we went. We got our quilt blocks picked up, and I really like the fabric. I also bought two yards of a fabric with bees on it, and a yard of something that would make a great quilt backing for a doll-scale quilt.

Middlest had never eaten at Babe's, a local chain that specializes in ridiculous portions of meat and serves the sides family-style, so we had chicken fried steak for lunch. And leftovers for another meal. We ate enough to be comfortably full but not stuffed. We stopped at Daiso on the way home, then Target so Middlest could get a new Lego set.

I was suddenly sleepy as I sat in the car at Daiso (didn't want to be tempted beyond my capacity to resist doll-scale goodies), so I took a carefully timed nap this afternoon. We did our drive-by fooding of the missionaries. And then we saw "Lego Batman".

There is no way I could feel anything less than delighted by how this day turned out. (Oh, and my order from Mint on Card [doll shoes] should arrive on Monday.)

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