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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The plan for tonight.

The plan was to finish the last few rings on the border for the second side and mark the first ring on the third side. I got as far as marking the last ring, and my brain and hands both said nope. I will finish that bit tomorrow before taking Middlest to school and heading in to work. I am still very, very pleased with what I've been able to accomplish this week. There won't be a lot of quilting time on Saturday, unless I listen to my phone while sitting on my bed, and I would prefer to sit out here in the living room and knit (I'm not sure what).

The tabard blocked out nicely. I'll give you a visual sometime in the future. It still needs snaps and two decorative buttons. All of the frogging and reknitting has produced a garment that should fit Adela well, assuming that the colors suit her.

Two days. Two days until I pay off my layaway. I printed off my pay stub first thing when I got to the office. The numbers delight and astound me. I suspect that millionaires get nowhere near as much joy and satisfaction as I do from the financial progress with which I've been blessed over the past 20 years. The blessings that come from paying one's tithing are not necessarily financial, and I don't count those as my greatest blessings from obedience to this principle. But the ambling-toward-solvency (with periodic setbacks) has been one small miracle after another. And I am grateful.

So, we had major weather in the North Dallas region last night. The weather radio shrieked several times before bedtime, and I was levitated out of a sound sleep at 2:12 this morning by another series of alerts. I stayed up for an hour, listening to the wind and rain move in from the west, followed by maybe a two minute spate of tiny hailstones. There wasn't time to inspect the house and yard this morning, but I checked everything out once I got home tonight, and we appear to be unscathed.

The worst of the damage was to the north and south of us. A friend in the ward posted a picture of her neighbor's trampoline that had been lifted out of their backyard and into the street. We had one small twig, maybe as thick as my forefinger, broken off the bois d'arc tree in the backyard. Unless Middlest raised them upright after I left for work, our garbage and recycling bins were not knocked over as they usually are with winds like last night's.

The office today was mostly occupied by walking dead. I have no idea how many pots of coffee they went through. I stayed awake chiefly by willpower, aided by carrot sticks. It's (thus far) impossible for me to fall asleep at my desk while eating a carrot stick.

It's 10:30, and I'm fading fast. Night, y'all.

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