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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Marvelous Memphis

We're here tonight. There was a dusting of snow when we awoke on the mountain, maybe an inch of wet fluff but no ice. We hit snow occasionally throughout the day.

We had dinner at the BBQ place my banker told me about last year. It was too loud and crowded for Middlest's comfort. The food was wonderful, and my kid requested that next time we get ours to go and eat it someplace quiet.

I find it amazing that Memphis is closer to my home than is Denver, or from my home in Boise to my sister's. I have a sudden urge to study Tennessee history to see if I can figure out why my ancestors left such a beautiful place.

We also went to the yarn shop that I discovered last year. I bought two hanks of Malabrigo Baby Silkpaca Lace in colors that almost perfectly match the Tennessee foliage (#862 piedras), and a hank of Dream In Color Jilly (#747 brownie). Both for doll sweaters.

OK, I'm done for today.

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