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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Congratulations, you're old!

I came home early from work today, as I had a slight but inexplicable fever. And my Outlook had ceased to work, and the primary IT person was gone for the day, and her backup was at lunch, and I was done. For me, a temperature of 99.0 is a fever, as I tend to run 97.5 to 97.6. I started feeling a little warm before lunch, so when I got back to my desk I took my temperature. (Of course I have a digital thermometer in my drawer. And a sewing kit. And my workday vitamins. Don't you?)

So I messaged Fourthborn that knit would not happen tonight, and I messaged Middlest so my kid wouldn't be alarmed when arriving home from school by seeing the Tardis in the driveway. The mail hadn't come when I got home, so I went straight to bed and slept for two hours, waking with a perfectly normal temperature.

Middlest got home about five minutes after I arose, handing over a large official-looking envelope with my name on it. I said, "It's probably something about Social Security. As in, Congratulations, you're old!" I wasn't far off. It was from a company that wanted to sell me hearing aids.

We howled.

In knitting news, I've woven in the ends of the tabard, and I've steam-blocked the shoulder edges, keeping the steam far from the ribbing at the waistband. I'll wait to sew on the snaps and decorative buttons until its intended recipient is in residence. But I know where the snaps are, and I know where the buttons are.

In doll news, three days until I pay off my Adela. And I messaged the Etsy vendor re: the items I want to combine into one order, and I found a miniature bust of Beethoven, and I measured Rosalie for waistband and skirt lengths. The ribbon order should be here on Thursday, so I anticipate much happy hand-sewing while listening to General Conference this weekend.

I'm feeling rather lively at the moment and will take advantage of that to preshrink the fabric for the quilt blocks which need to be done for Saturday.

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